Nick Ringelstetter is the creator, owner and CEO of Atomic7 Studio.  In 2008, lacking any source of art coming even close to the monster occupied alien landscapes in his mind, Nick picked up a brush, and began to paint himself a new future.  In 2010, despite foreboding farewells, a determined 24 year old Wisconsin son, set out to progress as an artist, and grow as a self sufficient business owner.  Atomic7 Studio was born and since has become the vessel for much of Nicks work.  His summer tour, which will take him back to some of the largest, most prestigious fine art events in the country, filled up quickly with invitations to return after last years memorable showings.  With the addition of the Southern Spring Tour and the introduction of several products and partnerships in 2017, there is no telling what the imagination of Nick Ringelstetter is plotting



The day Atomic7 released Nick Ringelstetters Signature board line, we made an impromptu stop in Delafield, WI.  Chris Sadowski happened to be there was among the first few to ever press a set up Atomic7 deck to pavement.  His skill and passion for thrashin’ got our attention, but his dedication to our mission, and willingness to promote earned him our loyalty.  His Youtube Following and great work ethic make him a valuable asset. (,com/HxCBrutality)

BEN CONLEY-Manufacturing


A vital member of Atomic7, Ben Conley and his manufacturing team are responsible for the flawless prints created here. Hand building high quality frames, and masterfully, uniformly stretching canvas’.  Without Ben’s reliability and hard work the incredible increase in demand this past year would have never been manageable.




An addition to the team as a contributing artist, Tierra Jackson brings a refreshing brand of passion to the studio.  We are excited to be partnered with such a talent.

In her own words, she best describes her love for art. “To be an artist, that is all I have ever known.  Imprinted on my soul from birth and the only thing I’ve been sure of my whole life.  I get my greatest joy from the way people react to my work, whether it makes them smile, laugh, shed a tear or recall a memory.  It is what I am destined to do and I am eternally grateful and blessed”


Brought on as our web design and technical specialist, Ian Mullarney created this beautiful website.  (more to come)