Atomic7 Studio was created by Nick Ringelstetter in 2008, in Spring Green, Wisconsin as a space to create the art his world lacked.

The road from daily doodler, to noted fine artist, was an arduous one.


Our mission here at Atomic7 is to provide a non-judgemental space to create and enable the art our lives desire.  Our team members throughout Wisconsin and the U.S. have created a culture of selfless application.  Application of our talents, of our ideas and of our work ethic, all for a common good.  Creating mutually beneficial relationships, thoughtful and relevant products, and perpetuating positivity, all with an eye on enabling and inspiring as manyentrepreneurs and artists as possible.

Pencil to paint, quiet or loud,
We are, the Strange & Proud.


An artist with a brush and a spray can, and anything else he can get in his hand.  Spring Green behind the ears, but the world came calling. Planting seeds since 2008.  Emperor of an enchanted forest inhabited by the Misfits & Mavericks of Atomic7 Studio.